First Performance 28/04/2013
Closing 28/04/2013

Shakespeare’s tales told on the eve of a battle; rivalries build, resentments flare!

On the eve of a decisive battle, an army is encamped.

While the King & his officers plan their strategy, nurses tend the wounded & the soldiers relax & prepare for the coming combat.

Dawn will bring an end to their uncertainty, one way or another.

But all is not as peaceful & prosperous in this camp as it appears, & through the night rivalries build, resentments flare & hearts are opened to love & hate…

Now entertain conjecture of a time, when…
…All’s Fair (In Love & War)

Constructed from 5 stories taken from Shakespeare’s plays, All’s Fair (In Love & War) is the culmination of an 8 week training course, Shakespeare:Bites, run by the salon:collective, The Cockpit & City of Westminster College.


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