First Performance 07/05/2013
Closing 09/05/2013

In Once And For All she analysed other’s thoughts and burned Barbies, in Teenage Riot she shared slimming advice and saw adults as caged animals. Now Koba Ryckewaert has turned 18 and knows a lot is wrong with the world, she just needs to get her head around it.

But she’s better at writing than talking, so she draws on the floor.

She starts with herself: no boyfriend = lonely. Loneliness = boredom. Boredom can be solved with money,
but she’s poor. Why’s her mother unemployed? Economic crisis.

In All That Is Wrong, Koba faces these terrifying realities alone. But what can she do about it? She can’t solve everything, yet she can’t do nothing. What she can do is make some choices, and stick to them

For ages 14+

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