Genre Drama
First Performance 10/07/2018
Closing 04/08/2018
Running Time 1h30, no interval

The Park Theatre hosts the world premiere of Alkaline by Stephanie Martin, a new play about faith, friendship and fear.

Alkaline also explores ideas surrounding British identity and who chooses to define it, questioning whether we dare to be different in today’s society.

Sophie and Sarah have been friends forever. Sophie is newly engaged to her fiancé Nick and wants to celebrate. Sarah also has a new fiancé, Ali, and some more big news – she has recently converted to Islam.

One hot summer evening the two couples have a get together. Sophie is desperate to meet Ali and even more desperate to rescue her drifting friendship with Sarah. Sophie also wants to ask Sarah if she’ll take off her hijab for Sophie’s wedding – a headscarf ‘just won’t quite go’ with the other bridesmaids, and Sophie likes things to match. It’s all going well (ish) until an uninvited guest arrives with some news that turns the evening – and the couples’ lives – upside down.

Alkaline follows pluck. productions’ most recent production, Birthday Suit, which played to critical acclaim and was nominated for three Off West-End Awards. The play is directed by Sarah Meadows, while starring are Claire Cartwright, Nitin Kundra, Reena Lalbihari, Alan Mahon and EJ Martin.

Alkaline is a play about change, painful endings and new beginnings. Where does our duty lie? And do we ever dare to be different?

Don’t miss this searching and striking world premiere from the pen of a prolific playwright.

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