Genre Entertainment
First Performance 12/03/2012
Closing 17/03/2012

Seven Years In The Bathroom is the ultimate stat-based fun-packed thought-provoking experimental-and-sometimes-stupid comedy show in which Alex Horne aims to recreate your entire life. That’s right, he’ll do everything you’ll ever do but in one evening.

So in an average lifetime you’ll spend two years shopping, two weeks kissing and eighteen months looking for lost things. You’ll also spend quite a while eating, queuing, crying and googling yourself. Alex is going to squeeze all those things into one show and it’ll be tremendous. And very funny. So come and laugh at your life.

Alex Horne has established himself as one of the most thoughtful and original comics about. Alongside hugely succesful, award-winning stand-up shows he is also the star and co-creator of BBC Four’s comedy quiz show We Need Answers.

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