First Performance 11/10/2007
Closing 08/12/2007
Running Time 1h15

Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet, Whipping It Up) brings the country’s favourite cartoon investment banker (as featured in the Daily Telegraph) to three dimensional life in a hilarious send-up of the corporate world.

Alex finds it increasingly difficult to juggle his job, his marriage and his social life as crisis hits all three and threatens to ruin him. He’s in trouble with his long-suffering wife Penny, who has finally turned the tables on him. The business fortunes of his client, Mr Hardcastle, drastically unravel and Alex is to blame. Meanwhile, the scams and skivings which Alex has made his way of life over the years are about to be revealed by a mole in his department. Alex faces abject humiliation unless he can stitch up his rivals first.

Bathurst interacts with digital imagery to bring Alex’s two-dimensional world to the stage.

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