Play Trailer

First Performance 17/10/2019
Closing 24/11/2019

Sam Shephard’s Ages Of The Moon is receiving its much-anticipated UK premiere at The Vaults Theatre, having been widely critically acclaimed in America for over a decade.

The play sees old friends Byron and Ames reunite over several measures of whiskey on a dusty front porch one summer night in backwater rural America.

This UK debut is lead by two heavy hitters from television and film: Christopher Fairbank (Auf Weidersehen, Pet) and Joseph Marcell (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

The pair reminisce and drink; dryly ruminating on life, love and aging.

As old tensions and rivalries begin to rise, their forty-year-old friendship faces the ultimate test at the wrong end of a gun.

This striking production is directed by Alexander Lass, whose recent productions include 46 Beacon (Trafalgar Studios) and No Man’s Land (West End).

Don’t miss this Beckett-esque production that perfectly portrays the complex and crumbling relationship between two life-long friends. With humour and with bittersweet moments of tragedy, Ages Of The Moon will leave you reeling.


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