Closing 23/01/2016

Written during the Apartheid era, Reza de Wet’s astonishing play African Gothic holds up a mirror to the dark heart of Afrikaner society, reflecting on the myths that sustained it.

The childhood of Frikkie and Sussie was idyllic; born into a South Africa Eden, a homely farm with loving and responsible parents, a black nanny as a second mother, and an all-loving God in Heaven to protect them and their loved ones.

But that was decades ago, and now Frikkie and Sussie’s farm is a desolate ruin, and they have been abandoned by their benevolent God.

From the production team behind recent Park Theatre hit Muswell Hill (February-March 2015) comes a heard-hitting and emotionally testing story of a family in the middle of one of the darkest epochs of African history, holding a candle to many uncomfortable truths with it.

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