Genre Dance/Opera
Closing 31/10/2008

A Mind's Journey In Search Of Destiny explores the creative genius and the conflicting urges that drive an artist. Tradition, self-doubt and wavering courage rein in the artist from full expression of creativity.

Improvised from classical north-east Indian Manipuri dance, the performers express the feminine and flexible as much as the masculine and rigid forces acting upon an individual. This production resonates beyond the uncertainties of a person moving from a valued but traditional society into a more liberal but alien one, commenting on the self-belief and insecurities lying beneath the artistic impulse.

The ancient Manipuri dance form, rooted in a small, isolated area of the Himalayas, is little-known. The dance is indivisibly linked with Hindu religious practices and strictly-defined traditional movements combine gentle feminine movements (Lasya) with stronger masculine ones (Tandava) to express all aspects of life and creation.

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