Closing 10/04/2009
Running Time 1h

Exploring myth, money and magic, A Forest is a provocative fairytale for grown-ups where skin is turned into wallets, straw is spun into gold and where storming off alone can mean the difference between life and death.

With an uncompromising approach to image making, Pacitti Company arrests the senses in A Forest. This ritualistic performance, which bears many similarities to a stylised séance, fuses cutting edge sound with live performance.

A stab wound in the heart of an easy life, this is desperately uneasy theatre.

Politicised, inquiring and process led, Pacitti Company has produced a body of award-winning group and solo performance works prior to A Forest, including creating and curating the first SPILL Festival of Performance in 2007.

A Forest is part of the SPILL Festival of Performance.

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