Genre Entertainment
Closing 30/12/2017
Running Time 1h20, no interval

Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol is reimagined as a 1940s Christmas special in The Fitzrovia Radio Hour’s delightful adaptation, returning to the West End for another spiffing season.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a man for whom Christmas means very little. A miserable miser, a mean-spirited misanthrope, Scrooge despises everything about the festive season and anyone who celebrates it. Can someone, or something help him to “see the light”?

And can our multi-tasking 1940s radio actors fight off visitations from more ghosts than they bargained for, and keep the spiffing sounds and varied inhabitants of Victorian London alive for the duration of the broadcast? Find out with A Christmas Carol!

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour are an acclaimed troupe whose period charms have worked wonders on venues including Shakespeare’s Globe, Wilton’s Music Hall, the Royal Albert Hall and The Vaults, as well as a sell-out West End season.

The immortal Christmas Carol story of redemption, ghosts and humbug is given the full Fitzrovia treatment this Christmas. Spiffing scenes and Victorian stereotypes keep coming, despite visitations from more ghosts than the cast are expecting!

A Christmas Carol sees spectacular sound effects created live, cut-glass accents and sharp suits combining to create a unique alternative festive entertainment.

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