First Performance 06/03/2012
Closing 31/03/2012

A Bowl Of Cherries is a musical revue that looks at life through a cycle of plays and songs. This is observed by two theatre ghosts from the last war; Penny Riddle and Albert Farthing, who are trapped between this world and the next.

Albert is tired of being in limbo and wants to move on but is held back by Penny who is in denial, believing she is still alive and waiting for her big theatrical moment. Their story unfolds through the evening, weaving in and out of the events contained in A Bowl Of Cherries, concluding with their own dramatic denouement.

A Bowl Of Cherries’ humorous, sexy, and thought-provoking book is written by Carolyn Pertwee with music from Ivor Novello Award-winning David Martin; songwriter of Can’t Smile Without You. The plays and songs illustrate different aspects of life’s bitter sweet experiences and take us on a journey from the cradle to infinity.

This revue is performed by eight versatile actors and musicians, including Gary Wilmot and Clare Buckfiled, and is devised and directed by Olivier Award-nominated Andrew C Wadsworth.

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