Genre Opera/Dance
First Performance 04/03/2010
Closing 04/03/2010
Running Time 1h25

In this triple bill, the National Dance Network present three fresh, bite-sized performances through their new small-scale dance initiative, Dance 3.

by Claire Cunningham and José Agudo
An energetic and engaging physical theatre performance from choreographers Claire Cunningham and Jose Agudo, combining real stories, a stunning filmic backdrop and multi-layered soundscape by Scanner.

Cabin Fever
by Tom Dale
Lost in a world of their own, a character’s cabin fever and mental loops produce an exhilarating and hypnotic performance. This startlingly expressive, physical work becomes a metaphor for a contemporary state of mind.

Passing Strange And Wonderful
by Ben Wright
An intense physical conversation for two, framed by a rectangle of fluttering light. Evoking a sense of something partially remembered, the piece explores the insatiable and unattainable desire to break through the shell of another.

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