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First Performance 14/11/2022
Closing 28/11/2022
Running Time 2h20, inc. interval

From the producers of the smash-hit SIX, be the first to see a staged concert version of this extraordinary new musical.

The 2nd of July 1982. Larry Walters, a truck driver, flies sixteen thousand feet above Los Angeles, using a lawn chair and 42 helium-filled weather balloons.

No, seriously.

42 Balloons tells the story of how Larry, with the help of his girlfriend Carol, defied gravity and FAA airspace regulations to make his lifelong dream a reality.

Inspired by a highly improbable true story, and featuring an original 80s-pop-inspired score, 42 Balloons is an exhilarating new musical about stupid dreams and doing whatever it takes to achieve them.

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