First Performance 14/01/2016
Closing 13/02/2016

Alistair McGowan returns to the Park Theatre as Michael, a man who awakens from a three-week coma to discover he has forgotten the events of the last 4000 Days – over a decade – of his life.

Following his acclaimed performance in An Audience With Jimmy Saville, McGowan is back on the stage as Michael, whose memory loss severs all knowledge of the existence of, and thus all ties with, Paul, his partner. Paul must thence fight to bring Michael’s memory back and reignite their relationship, while Carol, Michael’s protective mother, strives to manipulate the situation and ultimately remove Paul from both of their lives completely.

In this extraordinary new play by Olivier and Tony nominated writer Peter Quilter (End of Rainbow), Director Matt Aston weaves a story which questions: what would you do if, one day, you forgot the last decade of your life?

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