First Performance 05/11/2014
Closing 15/11/2014

Science is placed centre stage in Duncan Macmillan’s new play, directed by Katie Mitchell at the Royal Court.

Macmillan, who recently found success alongside Robert Icke for their adaptation of 1984, has been working with climate scientist Chris Rapley for the production.

Exploring a subject that is a matter of importance to everyone but mired in controversy, 2071 creates a conversation about climate change, asking what we owe to future generations and how we can protect our children and grandchildren. The play gets its name from the year in which Rapley’s oldest grandchild will be the age he is now.

The production follows Ten Billion, Mitchell’s 2012 collaboration with scientist Stephen Emmott, and continues her commitment to exploring the future of life on Earth and climate change through theatre.

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