First Performance 01/02/2010
Closing 04/02/2010

A festival of Russian and Russian-language playwriting, featuring four British premieres by four new playwrights. All plays are translated and directed as rehearsed readings by Noah Birksted-Breen, with free post-show discussions from specialist speakers.

1 Feb: Dreams
by Natalysa Kolyada
Four women have one thing in common: their husbands have disappeared in Belarus. For them to speak out is dangerous; to stay silent is impossible.

2 Feb: Tityus The Irreproachable
by Maksim Kurochkin
Tityus The Irreproachable is a political satire about a future with individualised flying CCTV cameras. It won the Moscow New Drama Award 2008.

3 Feb: Mums
by Vladimir Zuev
A group of women have travelled into the middle of a war to bring home their sons. These are no ordinary mums… Mums is a moving portrait of the mums who Zuev met when he travelled to Chechnya; it is based on real stories. Zuev won the Eurasia Award 2007 for Mums.

4 Feb: Natasha’s Dreams
by Yaroslava Pulinovich
Natasha’s Dreams is a comic monologue about young people in Russia today.

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