First Performance 08/02/2014
Closing 29/03/2014
Running Time 1h45

George Orwell’s tale of identity and state control is brought thrillingly to the stage by innovative theatre company Headlong and Nottingham Playhouse.

Written in 1949 and set in the year of its title, 1984 tells of a dystopian future where individualism and independent thought are outlawed. Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, rewriting newspaper articles so that history always supports the views of the Party. But when Winston has a thought, writes a diary and falls in love, he does so under the ever watchful eye of Big Brother.

Described by The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner as, “A superbly handled multimedia exploration on the nature of truth that never lets the audience off the hook,” 1984 comes to the Almeida theatre following a hit UK tour last autumn.

1984 is recommended for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

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