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Photo by Pamela Raith

Theatre Spot Test: Longest-running West End productions

Published September 7, 2017

Theatre in London is steeped in rich history, with the West End having played host to vast swathes of the world’s best creative talent and performing prowess over the course of centuries.

But with such a vast plethora of historical productions having played to West End audiences, it’s easy to let big name shows – even some of the longest-running productions in West End theatre history – slip under your radar.

So, with 8 minutes on the clock – or just two One Day Mores, in more theatrical metrics – here’s your challenge: how many of Theatreland’s longest-running productions in history can you name, based on nothing but the venues they played in?

You can see tickets for all current West End shows here.


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*Information supplied to Society of London Theatre, correct as of 1 Sept 2017. Ranked by number of performances.