Closing 08/10/2016
Running Time 2hr30

The final chapter of the emphatically praised Chichester Festival Theatre transfer of the Young Chekhov trilogy, The Seagull is a classic text which channels both comedy and tragedy to mark the birth of the modern stage.

Playwright Konstantin hopes to unveil his masterpiece, a cutting-edge play to be performed in a makeshift by the lake on a summer’s day. It promises to revolutionise theatrical performance and change the lives of everyone involved – but for the artistic and romantic conflicts which arise as a result.

A masterly meditation on how the old take revenge on the young, this is one of Chekhov’s most famous plays, and closes the Young Chekhov trilogy following performances of Platonov and Ivanov. Together, the trilogy witnesses a unique opportunity to explore the birth of a revolutionary dramatic voice. Each play can be seen as a single performance over different days, or as a thrilling all-day theatrical experience; see the show page for more details.

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