The Young Chekhov trilogy follows up its lauded run at the Chichester Festival Theatre with its second instalment, Ivanov, at the National Theatre, telling the story of a man desperate to escape the society within which he has become entrenched.

Centring on the 35 year-old radical romantic Nikolai Ivanov as he fears he has thrown his life away, the play focuses on his one last attempt at glory: a final fling to save him from a society rotten with anti-Semitism and drink.

This critically acclaimed play, charged with hilarious satire and passionate self-disgust, is the second part of the Young Chekhov trilogy, preceded by Platonov and followed by The Seagull, and affords a unique opportunity to explore the birth of a revolutionary dramatic voice. Each play can be seen as a single performance over different days, or as a thrilling all-day theatrical experience; see the show page for more details.

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