John Godber’s brand new comedy, The Scary Bikers, is pulling up at Trafalgar Studios 2 for a strictly limited run.

When retired miner Don and former private school teacher Carol meet by chance at a support group after both suffering a loss, they both think they’ve found a new beginning. But a bike ride through Europe would test their budding romance, and the road to love is rocky when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Join the pair on a hilarious and heartfelt journey that leads them to reconcile the past, debate the present and worry about the future. Whether they’re saddle sore in Southampton, blistered in Bordeaux or frazzled in Florence, one thing is for sure – it takes two to tandem!

John Godber has served as the creative director of the Theatre Royal Wakefield since 2011, with his plays performed around the world, Bouncers often being the most popular. Co-star and wife Jane Thornton, meanwhile, is well known for roles in Up ‘N’ Under and The Jam From Outer Space.

Starring the double BAFTA and Olivier Award-winning partnership of Godber and Thornton, The Scary Bikers is one not to miss.

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