Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Published December 10, 2015

What’s it all about?

It’s SUPPOSED to be about J M Barrie’s infamous boy who would wouldn’t grow up, but in the hands of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society – the company staging the 19th century fairytale adventure in this new offering from Mischief Theatre – it’s about accidents, fluffed (and royally messed up) lines and on-stage embarrassments.

Yes, the team behind Olivier Award-winning hit The Play That Goes Wrong is back. Technically they never left but, never mind, we couldn’t be happier!

Who’s in it?

Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields – the trio responsible for writing as well as starring in this deliberately disastrous take on Barrie’s classic – appear alongside their former The Play That Goes Wrong co-stars Dave Hearn, Charlie Russell, Greg Tannahill and Nancy Wallinger, with newcomers including Tom Edden also joining the cast.

Together they’ve wrapped up a whole load of hilarity that they’ll be tearing open and unleashing every night from now until 31 January. And what a joy it is to watch! Sayer’s Dennis, who has to wear headphones at all times to feed him his lines, has us guffawing uncontrollably. Shields’ moustachioed Chris makes us weep with his hysterical hatred of the word ‘pantomime’. And Lewis makes us laugh so much we almost wee ourselves as assistant director Robert, who appears as everything from a dog to a pirate and has a rather dark – but still off the scale amusing – revelation about the previous production he starred in.

What should I look out for?

There is so much to look out for in this hilarious, fast-paced romp that it’s difficult to pinpoint. Lewis’ Nana getting stuck in a door is a personal highlight but so too is his portrayal of Peter’s over-sized shadow. Then there’s Hearn’s offended crocodile, the ability of Eden’s narrator to send sparks flying, Sayer’s shipping forecast-repeating Dennis and an unopened bottle of poison left to Shields’ Hook’s… err… devices.

In a nutshell?

Never have so many botched lines made for such delightful watching! Mischief Theatre makes a triumphant return with yet another disaster-filled creation that leaves you aching from laughter.

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Will I like it?

If you liked The Play That Goes Wrong, don’t even bother reading on. Just book a ticket and get yourself to the Apollo Theatre asap. Energetic, silly and downright hilarious, Mischief Theatre has created another two hours of pure comic bliss.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong is playing at the Apollo Theatre until 31 January. You can book tickets to the show – as well as fellow Mischief Theatre productions The Play That Goes Wrong and the newly announced The Comedy About A Bank Robberythrough us.