The 2017-18 West End company of Kinky Boots (Photo: Matt Crockett)

5 feelgood London shows to beat the post-football blues

By Robin Johnson, Published July 12, 2018

Feeling blue this week? We’re not going to lie: when we first planned this article, the headline was very different!

But as the great England football adventure comes to a close – well, until Qatar 2022, at least – it’s great to recognise what a run it’s been. And what a summer for it – soaring temperatures, high spirits, and a city awash with pride and celebration. There’s only more excitement to come for London this Summer – and we, for one, can’t wait!

So in the wake of last night, and in the interests of maintaining national morale, we’ve five football blues-busting London productions below. They’re all on sale at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, where you can pick up last minute and discount tickets in person, or you can book a great selection of other seats online.

Packed full of feelgood factor, they’re just some of the many shows sure to put a smile back on your face this week.

Don’t fancy any of the below? Take a look at many more amazing London shows available.

Les Misérables

Also available via TKTS, and Kids Week; kids go free to selected performances this August when accompanied by a full-paying adult.

“I dreamed a dream in times gone by… now life has killed the dream I dreamed.” A sentiment echoed by many followers of Gareth Southgate’s followers this morning, perhaps – if you replace “life” with “Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic”!

But as France look set to triumph in the World Cup Final on Sunday (save for an almighty surprise), it seems only fitting that this is the week you catch the triumphant musical of France. By turns revolutionary, heart-warming and stirring, Les Misérables is guaranteed to have you on your feet, and to send your soul well and truly soaring. Mario who?!

Book Les Misérables tickets online here!

The Play That Goes Wrong

Also available via TKTS and Kids Week.

Not a lot’s gone wrong for us in the past couple of weeks, but it certainly didn’t all go to plan last night.

Console yourself in the company of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, an amateur dramatics troupe who, night after night, can barely get anything right. And when you’re on a West End stage with collapsing sets, forgotten lines, and unfortunate injuries aplenty, that’s a hilarious set of circumstances for all involved.

Trust us: it’s impossible to emerge from The Play That Goes Wrong without a smile on your face… unless you’re in the Cornley Polytechnic. In which case, we’re sorry.

Book The Play That Goes Wrong tickets online here!

Strictly Ballroom The Musical

Also available via TKTS and Kids Week.

Watching the World Cup as a supporter of any team can be an anxious experience. And while the nation was spared the torture of a penalty shootout against Croatia, it’s still been a tense tournament at times.

It’s time to kick back, relax, and catch something easier-to-watch: Strictly Ballroom The Musical is in many ways impressive, but no more so than in the love, energy and sheer fun it conveys. Its laugh-a-minute book will keep you chortling throughout, and with Drew McOnie directing and choreographing, its moves are more impressive than any goal celebration we’ve seen in Russia this month.

Book Strictly Ballroom The Musical tickets online here!

Kinky Boots

Also available via TKTS and Kids Week.

England have put their studded boots to good use this month to fire their way on the field to the semi-finals.

But it’s the story of some rather more sparkly, sequinned – and, well, RED – boots that continue to put a smile on our faces all year round. Kinky Boots has a very special and unique feelgood factor, telling the tale of a struggling shoe factory transformed by newfound friendship, a stroke of genius, and catchy Cyndi Lauper disco tunes.

Book Kinky Boots tickets here!

Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein

Also available via TKTS and Kids Week.

When disappointment reigns, there’s only one man who can unite us in joy again: no, not Gareth Southgate (for now at least), but Mel Brooks.

Brooks’ wicked sense of humour is undeniably universal, and it’s his side-splitting kind of comedy that shines through in Young Frankenstein. We’re sure that if you give the madcap monster musical a visit this week, you’ll be laughing til you cry – which is better than just crying today, right?!

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