Closing 12/01/2013

Following the success of its previous runs at the Gielgud and Apollo theatres, Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn’s hit political comedy Yes, Prime Minister returns to the West End.

With British troops out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan winding down, all eyes are on Prime Minister Jim Hacker’s desperate struggle to avoid a fate similar to that of Sarkozy.

Offering a modern twist on the political manoeuvring of the PM and his wily Cabinet Secretary, Yes, Prime Minister touches on themes such as the Euro, the failing economy, global warming, religion, BBC spending and the UK’s relationship with America.

As the country faces financial crisis, the duo’s only hope for salvation lies with some morally dubious allies, which leads, as one might expect, to deliciously comic consequences.

Adapted from the original 1980s sitcom, Yes, Prime Minister is directed by the play’s co-writer Lynn, whose credits as a director include the films The Whole Nine Yards, The Fighting Temptations and The Distinguished Gentleman.

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