Sweet, melancholic and sometimes tongue in cheek, Wunderkammer is a gem of puppet-theatre at the Barbican Theatre, referencing art, science and the natural world through mystical creations.

Three puppeteers mysteriously emerge one by one to welcome you to a cabinet of curiosities where rare artefacts and familiar objects, the wonderful and the mundane, come together in near-perfect equilibrium, interacting and elegantly playing to the tempo of an atmospheric score.

A pair of golden hands caresses human hair, long-limbed folk dance and sway, two miniature musicians comically duel it out, and an unfathomable creature floats in air and water.

Demonstrating the allure and magnetism of string marionettes, Frank Soehnle leads a company of renowned German puppeteers, Figurentheater Tübingen, who visibly orchestrate their strange cast with utmost grace, eliciting the subtlest expressions of movement. 

Please note, this production is recommended for individuals ages 12 and older.

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