First Performance 05/06/2010
Closing 17/07/2010
Running Time 2h20

In the wake of this year’s general election, Women, Power And Politics is a new season examining the history and current role of women in politics in the UK through 12 different plays and associated events.

The plays are divided into two parts, to be presented on alternate evenings.

Part Two, entitled Now, features five plays with a contemporary focus.

Acting Leader, by Joy Wilkinson, is set following the sudden death of John Smith, when Margaret Beckett is hurled into the position of Acting Leader of the Opposition and the sole female candidate in the race to lead the party.

Playing The Game, by Bola Agbaje, centres on one Student’s Association’s search for a new President.

The Panel, by Zinnie Harris, looks at the motivations and secret agendas behind the appointment – or not – of women in business.

Pink, by Sam Holcroft, centres on one self-made millionaire and businesswoman as she prepares to launch her latest range on national television. But an unexpected visitor has a different set of priorities.

You, Me And Wii, by Sue Townsend, looks at one generation of women’s disaffection and disengagement with politics.

For more about Women, Power And Politics, read the First Night Feature or Director Indhu Rubasingham on programming the season.

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