The spectacular setting of the Natural History Museum hosts The Wider Earth, the story of Charles Darwin: the young rebel, explorer and genius.

The play follows Darwin at the age of 22, as he prepares to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime on the HMS Beagle. His destination? The far side of the world. Along the way, Darwin will begin to develop ideas about the world around him that will challenge everything he thought he knew.

The ingenious coming-of-age story celebrates the intricate complexities which our planet consists of, as well as the adventurous spirit which saw Darwin overcome perilous environments and unknown dangers on his bold voyage.

The Wider Earth is an extraordinary, award-winning drama about the theory that changed the very fabric of our world. The show is brought to life by a seven-strong cast in a uniquely inventive production that features remarkable puppetry – over 30 extraordinary hand-crafted puppets feature – as well as an original cinematic score and dazzling animations.

Having already enjoyed sold-out seasons in Brisbane and Sydney, a custom-built 357-seat  theatre at the iconic Natural History Museum hosts the production, located in the museum’s Jerwood Gallery. The Museum hosts a number of the specimens Charles Darwin collected on his expeditions, and its scientists, led by paleobiologist Professor Adrian Lister, author of Darwin’s Fossils, have worked closely with the creative producers of the show to ensure it is rooted in authenticity.

Written and directed by Dead Puppet Society’s creative director David Morton, the idea for The Wider Earth was first conceived at a residency in Cape Town in 2013 with the Handspring Puppet Company – the creative team behind War Horse.

The Wider Earth plays in London through to 24 February 2019.

Find out more about the Natural History Museum on their website here.

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