Genre Drama
First Performance 13/12/2017
Closing 13/01/2018
Running Time 2h, inc. interval

Closing PARK90’s autumn-winter 2017 season is an epic London premiere about love and redemption from 18th century Canada, White Fang.

Written and directed by Jethro Compton (the director/adapter of the PARK200 hit The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and the internationally touring The Bunker Trilogy), and based on the novel The Call Of The Wild by Jack London, White Fang is set in 1898 Canada, deep in the forests of the Yukon Territory.

After the massacre of her tribe, a child is rescued by an old huntsman hailing from a nearby settlement. Torn from centuries of tradition, struggling to find her path as she acclimatises to an unknown society, her path in the world seems lost.

But she soon discovers hope in the friendship of an abandoned wolf, White Fang, swiftly learning the customs of her ancestors and becoming skilled in the ways of the wild. Lethal with both blade and bow, this newfound alliance enhances her survival prospects considerably – but when the time comes and she is faced with the extinction of her identity, will these skills be enough to survive? Can she make a difference?

Exploring what happens when we must accept a path in life that’s not of our choosing, and we have to reconcile who we were with who we are, White Fang is an enthralling, imaginative and bold tale told through inventive storytelling, astounding puppetry and an achingly beautiful soundtrack.

The UK cast of White Fang stars the likes of Mariska Aryia, Robert G Slade, Bebe Sanders, Paul Albertson, Jonathan Mathews and Danny Mahoney.

An epic story of love, loss, and redemption – red-written in the snow – this London premiere of White Fang is a co-production with freeFall Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where it was first staged in the autumn of 2017, before transferring to the United Kingdom later in the year.

Age Recommendation: 12+.

Latecomers may not be admitted. 

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