A staged reading of Sandra Thompson-Quartey’s Water Under The Bridge.

“Ever wondered how many children there were after we left? How many she might be fostering right now? How well she’s taking care of them? The way she took care of us. I do. I lie awake at night, every night, thinking about it.”

Two estranged foster sisters reunite after twelve years and begin to unearth childhood memories they have fought to forget.

(The audience shall be invited to provide written feedback after the performance).

Sandra Thompson-Quartey is the Artistic Director & Producer of Writer’s Avenue Theatre Company. Water Under the Bridge is being developed for a production in 2013. Her previous writing credits under Writer’s Avenue include One Bedroom to Rent: “6 Degrees” (Soho Theatre) and Reapers: Celebwrite! (Soho Theatre) in 2012. The Imprisonment of Ken Sara Wiwa (Albany) produced by Olivier Award winning writer, Bola Agbaje, as part of the Nigerian Heritage Project in 2010. Water Under the Bridge shall be produced in 2014.



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