Shining a light on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in young soldiers, Warheads is a thought-provoking drama based on a true story.

Playing at the Park Theatre, the piece is based on the tale of writer and lead actor Taz Skylar’s best friend. Warheads takes place when 19 year-old Miles Weppler returns from his first tour of Afghanistan – but he isn’t quite himself.

Noises don’t sound the same. People don’t look the same. Pizza doesn’t taste the same. The harder he tries to act normal, the harder it gets to be normal. And all his loved ones’ attempts to help him just keep making things worse – people think of him as a lost boy, stubborn, scary and paranoid all at once.

Warheads oscillates between multiple timelines, with the audience given a glimpse into Miles’ life before he signed up to the army and the man he becomes post-war. We get an intimate view of what motivates a young man towards the military, and why he wants to stay at any cost.

The cast and production team are working closely with Eden Orfanos-Shoro, an art psychotherapist who has been conducting trauma informed expressive arts workshops. Eden, who has treated many PTSD sufferers, also acts as dramaturg on the production.

Taz Skylar, who wrote the play, also plays the lead role of Miles Weppler. Taz played Dawes in The Kill Team (Oscilloscope Pictures), directed by two-time Oscar nominated Dan Krauss.

Warheads is a punchy urban drama based on a true story.

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