Jenny Seagrove leads the cast of Noel Coward’s recently rediscovered drama about tangled love on the side of a volcano.

Molten lava isn’t the only thing hotting up life on the side of a Pacific island volcano. When the suave Guy Littleton visits the recently widowed Adela Shelly, she finds herself seduced by the newcomer. She is not the only one. When Guy’s wife Melissa flies in to see off the opposition tensions bubble under the surface and begin to erupt, as does the volcano.

Stage veteran Seagrove boasts London credits including The Country Girl and Bedroom Farce, but may be best known for playing Jo Mills in the BBC crime series Judge John Deed.

Seagrove is joined in the cast by Wild At Heart actress Dawn Steele and Heartbeat actor Jason Durr.

Coward’s Volcano, which was never performed during the playwright’s lifetime, gives a fascinating insight into the glamorous and sometimes scandalous lifestyle that Coward enjoyed.

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