Traces, a runaway hit at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007, is a show by Les 7 Doigts De La Main (The 7 Fingers), a talented young French-Canadian company that has pioneered a whole new brand of circus. It now comes to London for the very first time.

Combining awe-inspiring circus training with infectious urban energy, Traces features four men and one woman giving dazzling, gravity-defying displays of skill, balancing casually on each other’s heads or tumbling through hoops and leaping spectacularly up giant poles without using their hands.

But Traces is more than just a display of acrobatic brilliance, as snippets of the performers’ real lives are revealed through film clips, narration and music. The audience is gradually drawn into their story, and by the final, dramatic climax of the show, is willing them to pull off the seemingly impossible.

Set to a fantastic soundtrack ranging from rock ‘n’roll to blues to hip hop, Traces is a thrill-a-minute show .

Please note, Traces contains strobe lighting.

Traces is suitable for theatregoers of all ages. 

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