What goes on behind the locked door of a teenager’s bedroom? You promised – you swore – that you would never set foot in there without his permission. But you couldn’t resist a peek – and now you’re in the forbidden zone, knee deep in porn mags and playstation – and he’s coming up the stairs!

Totally Practically Naked In My Room On A Wednesday Night locks a meddling mum in hiding in her son’s room on the night he’s vowed to lose his virginity – if he can make up his mind whether to go with a girl or a boy. This teenage sex farce stars Kate Gielgud (neice of John) as Maddy, the well-meaning mother who can¹t resist a peek in the forbidden bedroom and finds herself stuck under the bed as her son Dylan (Joel Dommett, star of Bashment) arrives home. Seventeen year old public school boy Dylan is meant to be revising for his A-Levels but is more interested in studying ‘Bi-Bi Blakk Birds’. Assisted by advice from his wannabe wide-boy school friend Charlie (played by James Flynn), Dylan vows to lose his virginity ­ if only he could decide between his two equally attractive prospects of Trudi, the foxy girl next door (Bev Denim) and Victor Pereira the hunky pizza delivery boy (Ludvig Bonin). Prepare to go blind and grow hair on your palms. Prepare to be 17 again, and this time, do it right!

A mile-a-minute comedy created specially for the Tristan Bates Theatre by Rikki Beadle-Blair, multi-award-winning director of the hit play Bashment as well as our own sellout South London Passion Plays and Channel 4’s groundbreaking Metrosexuality.

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