Too Close To The Sun is a dramatic new musical offering a fictional account of the last year in the life of Ernest Hemingway.

In Too Close To The Sun, author and Nobel Prize-winner Hemingway, battling the rigours old age, takes solace in the company of his young secretary. His wife, tolerating this liaison so as not to lose him, is aware that the secretary has a secret agenda, to become wife number five and inherit his estate. The arrival of Rex, an old school friend, adds a further complication, as he tries to secure the film rights to the life of the notorious writer. With bribery, lies and manipulation, Rex plays a dangerous game to achieve his goal, but in this suggested account of events leading to Hemingway’s death, can there be any winners?

Too Close To The Sun features music and lyrics by John Robinson, whose work was last seen in the West End when Behind The Iron Mask was staged at the Duchess theatre in 2005.

For more about Too Close To The Sun at the Duchess theatre, read the First Night Feature.

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