Three Sisters is presented as part of the Sovremennik Theatre season at the Noël Coward theatre.

Chekhov’s famous drama centres on the Prozorova family. At the heart of the family are the three sisters, Olga, Maria and Irina, who dream of leaving home and moving to Moscow. When their brother’s wife begins to take control of the house however, the sister’s are forced to watch their dreams slip away.

One of Sovremennik’s most famous productions, Three Sisters is performed on a revolving stage that neatly represents not only the emotional merry-go-round that some characters can never escape, but also the paradox at the heart of Chekhov’s masterpiece about people who are trapped in their own tragedies but who still want to change the world.

Sovremennik is one of Russia’s leading theatre companies, formed in 1956 by graduates of the Studio School of Moscow Art who wanted to create theatre that would not be dictated by the State. Sovremennik are bringing three of their acclaimed productions to the West End for the first time under the direction of Galina Volchek, who was a founding member of Sovremennik and is regarded as one of Russia’s greatest theatre practitioners.

Three Sisters is performed in Russian with surtitles and is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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