John Calder’s The Godot Company present three of Beckett’s rarely seen dramas.

Ohio Impromptu Beckett returns to one of his most familiar and potent themes – the relentlessness of time and man’s inability to change his circumstances. This work, written late in Beckett’s life and career, features a reader recalling the past and an old love, reading to a silent look-alike.

Rough For Theatre 1 features a blind man and a seeing cripple. they meet by chance and consider the possibility of joining forces to unite sight and mobility in the interests of survival. But this is Beckett, so nothing is as simple as that.

Rough For Theatre 2 was written in french in the 1950s. It is an examination of a man’s life by two authoritative officials. The man in question is perched on a window ledge throughout their assessment, waiting for their verdict.

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