Estranged sisters, Niamh and Grace have not spoken since their mother died. When Niamh is diagnosed with cancer the pair are once again thrown together.

Armed with a box of old photographs, the sisters reminisce and reconnect. Dipping back and forth from present day to childhood, they piece their childhoods together like a jigsaw, from the harshness and violence of their upbringing to the exhilarating escape of the dance clubs of the emerging Northern Soul scene.

With a backdrop of the 1970s, Third Finger, Left Hand is scored by the sound of Northern Soul, instant callbacks to the Twisted Wheel in Manchester, donkey jackets, Top of the Pops and Edward Heath. Based on Dermot Canavan’s real-life experiences, this is a deeply moving story of growing up, dealing with the harsh realities of life and healing old wounds before time runs out.


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