The Whiskey Taster follows advertising wonder kids Barney and Nicola, who win accounts with wit, charm and a secret weapon, Barney’s ability to feel, smell and taste colours, and to translate these sensations into words.
Lately Barney has been finding things way too colourful and wishes his full-throttle London life was more black and white, but Nicola is hell bent on winning accounts at all costs.

When the two hire an old Scottish Whisky Taster to help them with a new campaign, his strange wisdom slows the Londoners to a stop, just as the deadline looms.
Written by James Graham, who won the Catherine Johnson Award for the Best Play in 2007 for Eden’s Empire and also contributed to the Bush theatre’s summer 2009 piece, The Whiskey Taster is a technicolour story about seeing things too clearly in a city that never stands still.

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