A colourful tale for all ages, particularly three to seven, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes to the Greenwich Theatre.

Charlie Hubble is a little boy with a very big dream – he wants to be a world-class magician. So, for his birthday, he saves up for the Big Book of Spells for Trainee Magicians. He’s fed up with practicing his disappearing rabbit trick on his big sister’s tortoise! Charlie wants to learn real magic, and he can’t wait for his spellbook to appear.

Then one day, there’s a knock at the door from Mr Zacoor, the shopkeeper. But he’s actually a real life sorcerer! And he has a very special job for Charlie.

This spellbinding new show comes to life with a magical blend of music, puppetry and high-energy storytelling.

Suitable for ages 3-7.

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