Join Gerda on her journey to The Snow Queen‘s palace to bring her brother Kai back home. Ravens, Reindeer, wild wolves and cheeky owls help her along the way in this imaginative retelling of a classic fairy tale.

One of Hans Christian Anderson’s finest fairy tales, the story of the Snow Queen tells of a little boy who is captured, his heart frozen and his memories of his loving home lost.

His sister Gerda sets out on a perilous journey to bring him back and encounters helpful creatures along the way, but will she find him and will he remember who she is? Can she break the Snow Queen’s icy spell?

The story of the Snow Queen reminds us that the warmth of those who love is stronger than the cold of those who do not.

For children aged 3+ this is a perfect production for young families looking for a beautifully told winter story in the run up to Christmas 2015.

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