Please note that this production will take place at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill. For more information, please view the venue’s website.

2015 knockout hit The Royale returns to the Bush Theatre for another ringside bout this winter, retelling writer Marco Ramirez’s account of Jay ‘The Sport’ Jackson, the first African-American Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Set in 1905, with racial segregation enforced in boxing, the real-life story of Jack Johnson seems as improbable as it was pioneering. Loosely based on his career, The Royale showcases, over the course of six rounds in a boxing ring, a transcendence of one sporting hero that earned a place in boxing immortality.

Official London Theatre’s Charlotte Marshall labelled last year’s production a “hypnotic triumph”.

A story of great talent, triumph, racism and injustice, this is a stunning, sell-out production showcasing one man’s success in becoming the most notorious black man on Earth.


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