The Restoration Of Nell Gwyn is a gorgeous new comedy, full of bawdy wit and starring Olivier Award nominee Elizabeth Mansfield and TV star Angela Curran. 

A fine vignette of Britain, then and now, where the personal is heroically, hilariously political. 
King Charles II lies ill. Nell, his royal whore, once star of the Restoration stage, rages against the fate that may befall her if Charles dies. Margery, Nell’s maid, is no whore but a survivor whose fate too hangs on the life or death of the Royal patriarch. 
We see Nell in breeches, a perfect boy. She sings like an angel. Margery dances, emptying chamber pots with priceless asides on sex, love, class and power… Wonderful roles for distinguished actresses Elizabeth Mansfield, Olivier Award nominee, and Angela Curran, star of ITV’s hit comedy series ‘Job Lot’. 
An intriguing reinterpretation of our national treasure Nell Gwyn and a timely celebration of female resilience in a world where women seldom thrive. 

The Restoration Of Nell Gwyn is recommended as a way to engage students 14+ studying a range of subjects including Theatre Studies and Drama, History, Politics and Women’s Studies. For a Learning Support Pack, please see the Show Page.

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