Set both in an exclusive dining room near Wall Street, New York and in a windowless interrogation room at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, The Private Room is a bold exploration by American playwright Mark Lee of the fault lines betwen an anxious superpower and the forces proclaiming a new world order. Lawrence Davison, a tough–minded stock trader, dominates the world of securities manipulation with the help of his fixer, Tommy Nash. Captain JT Price runs the interrogation centre at Camp Delta, and is currently focusing on the Pakistani prisoner Salman Bashir. Caught between these two worlds is Barbara Dempsey, both a Wall Street clerk and a member of the US Army Reserve, who has been called up to work as an interrogator. Behind closed doors everywhere, deals are being made, allegiances forged, promises broken. The Private Room is an intense, satirical play that considers the very real impact the cultural assumptions of one society can have on another. From the author of the critically acclaimed California Dog Fight, this new play promises an emotional and intellectual journey into a world in which truth is a bargaining chip in a deadly game.

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