Amidst the decadence that runs rife in Victorian London, European Arts’ adaptation of the Wildean classic The Picture Of Dorian Gray at Trafalgar Studio 2 grants a young man the chance of possessing eternal beauty – for the small price of his soul.

Adapted by Wilde’s very own grandson Merlin Holland, along with John O’Connor, this Faustian tale sees a beautiful young man called Dorian Gray slowly become infatuated with the sheer perfection of a portrait painted of him by his friend, Basil Hallward.

Obsessively determined to preserve the handsomeness encaptured by Basil, he makes a pact with a sinister force to ensure he will remain forever young – while the picture grows old in his stead.

Combining drawing-room comedy and gothic horror, this is a gripping, engrossing and hugely entertaining theatrical event.

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