Written and directed by BAFTA-winning comedy writer Jonathan Lynn, The Patriotic Traitor tells the extraordinary true story of Charles de Gaulle and Phillipe Pétain, two men who loved each other like father and son – but tragically fought for opposing sides in World War II.

At the crux of a relationship at once precious but comic, both absurd but also heart-braking, Phillipe Pétain awaits the verdict of the 1945 trial for treason imparted upon him by Charles de Gaulle.

Exploring the incredible history between Pétain, the tough, uncompromising soldier heralded as a hero at the 1916 Battle of Verdun but later a Nazi collaborator, and de Gaulle, the academic, awkward, but equally uncompromising soldier who led France to freedom from occupation, the production showcases the personal foundations upon which war may be fought.

But were events as simple as they seemed? This is the extraordinary tale of two iconic men.

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