Staged in a former government building, Hydrocracker’s darkly compelling promenade performance The New World Order journeys from the council chambers of high-minded policymakers to the labyrinthine depths below, where functionaries of the new world order keep the world clean for democracy.

Interweaving five of Harold Pinter’s miniature masterpieces – Press Conference, One For The Road, Precisely, Mountain Language and The New World Order – this immersive experience draws audiences into the heart of the action, transforming them from passive viewers to complicit witnesses.

One of the most acclaimed site-specific works of recent years, The New World Order is being staged in London for the first time, poignantly presented in Pinter’s home borough of Hackney.

The New World Order is a promenade performance and is suitable for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

Please note, The New World Order is performed at Shoreditch Town Hall EC1V 9LT, not at the Barbican.

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