John Marston’s tale of lust, greed and violence is brought to life by the Globe Young Players, a new company of 12 to 16-year-olds.

The play’s dense Shakespearean allusion, Machiavellian villainy and savagely satirical comedy have made The Malcontent one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance stage and arguably the greatest Jacobean tragedy.

Set it Renaissance Genoa, it tells the story of Malevole, a sarcastic jester who moves through the ducal court dishing out his caustic commentary on the people attached to the city’s usurping duke. But Malevole is not what he seems, he is Genoa’s rightful duke and he is bent on recovering his stolen birthright and exposing the lies around him.

The Globe New Players are a company of young people who have been selected and trained in the craft of modern drama performance by the Globe’s resident experts.

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