Discover and share the hidden stories contained within the Gate theatre’s local community that lead  to a sweet shop like no other, The Knowledge Emporium.

No money is needed at The Knowledge Emporium for penny chews and humbugs, just a little piece of  knowledge to add to the Big Book of Everything That We Know. Come on, we all know at least one thing that no-one else knows.

The Knowledge Emporium is a community participatory project, including workshops, recollections and finally performances by the Gate’s local community.

The Shop
The Knowledge Emporium will appear in Notting Hill to gather stories from 19 July to 1 August. If you would like drop by to share a little piece of knowledge, find out where it will be at

The Performances

Then join a walk-about journey from the Gate theatre through the streets of Notting Hill, ending up at The Knowledge Emporium to discover what treats Notting Hill has to share.

The Knowledge Emporium is staged as part of the Gate Outdoors season.

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