Rapidly revisiting the life, loves and memorable roles of Sir Henry Irving, The Knight From Nowhere/The Bells is a funny but moving double-bill celebration at the St James Theatre of the oft-cited greatest actor of the 19th century.

When Sir Henry arrives on stage dressed for the wrong play, he is faced with an unfortunate discovery; he is lately deceased.

Facing a final judgment in a whirlwind theatrical tour of every part from Hamlet and Ophelia to Bram Stoker and George Bernard Shaw, his achievements are laid bare for all to see, including through an extra festive performance of The Bells, the haunting play that made Irving famous overnight.

Following their hugely successful Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet at Park Theatre, ACS Random returns with an exciting new homage to coincide with the 110th anniversary of Irving’s death, and offers laughs, moving moments and commemoration in abundance.

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