Set in a country on the brink of destruction, The King’s Web explores the fight for freedom and the redemptive power of compassion and unity.

Faced with civil war and the destruction of their beliefs, the people are compromised by a weak ruler and in-fighting as different factions seek to make their voices heard.

An old folk tale – the story of an old King who cut himself off from his people by creating a giant web with spiders who attacked anyone who came close – is told by the people as a symbol of the hope that the oppressors seek to destroy. The ruler’s daughter uses the story as she strives to save her father and the people from losing something even more precious than their freddom – the loss of their humanity.

An original story by Chickenshed, The King’s Web was last performed in 1997 as a 40-minute ballet. It has now been framed within a new context, in a production that includes over 100 Chickenshed students accompanying professional actors.

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